Finding the right fit for you in the job market can be difficult; consequently, finding the right candidate to fit into a role in your company can be taxing, expensive, and time-consuming. That is where we at Global Choice Immigration come in; to make it easier for the job seeker to find work and to help the company hire the right candidate, locally or overseas.


Why you should work with us
Our foreign workers are:
  • Loyal, reliable and dependable.
  • Experienced, qualified and hard-working.
  • Easy to work with and friendly
  • They understand English and are therefore easy to communicate with.
  • Professional and are willing to commit to a long-term working relationship.
As Global Choice Recruitment
  • We provide a three-month work-performance guarantee for our foreign workers.
  • We customize our recruitment to meet your specific needs.
  • We provide means for our clients to interview the foreign workers through video-conference even after we have done our thorough research on the individual.
  • We understand and have knowledge of both legal needs and labor market policies of countries our foreign workers are from.
  • We help our foreign workers to seamlessly and successfully settle in the Canadian culture and society.
  • We are always available to answer any questions, provide any service that is required to help our clients feel at ease with hiring foreigners.