Federal Skilled Trades Class

The FST Class (FSTC) puts more emphasis on practical experience as many trades people could not meet the selection criteria established for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. It is intended to help fill Canada’s growing labour shortages in certain skilled trades by facilitating immigration through selection criteria that better reflect tradespersons’ particulars.

Criteria – The FSTC is based on a pass/fail model with four selection criteria.

Selection Criteria Factor #1 – Job Offer or Certificate of Qualification

Job Offer

A qualifying job offer (also known as an offer of employment) from up to two employers in Canada of at least one year duration


Certificate of Qualification from a provincial or territorial Apprenticeship Authority.

Selection Criteria Factor #2 – Language Requirement 

The threshold is set at CLB/NCLC 5 for listening and speaking and CLB/NCLC 4 for Reading and Writing.

  • Listening: 5.0
  • Reading: 4.0
  • Writing: 4.0
  • Speaking: 5.0
Selection Criteria Factor #3 – Prior Work Experience
  • 24 months of recent work experience in the same skilled trade occupation as their job offer and/or the provincial/territorial certificate of qualification.
  • Work experience must have been obtained after qualification/certification in the country where the work was performed. (ie after completion of apprenticeship)
  • Experience must have been in the last five years.
Selection Criteria Factor #4 – Job Duties

Qualifications that satisfy employment requirements as described by the NOC*. What this means is that the applicant has the education, training and experience to perform the trade.

*except for certification and licensing requirements, which are difficult to obtain outside Canada.

Must have performed a substantial number of the main duties listed in the description of the occupation set out in the NOC.