Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

Definition the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) as per IRPR 75

  • Ability to become economically established.
  • Have at least one year out of the prior 10 years of experience in an NOC, A, B or 0 occupation.
  • Have performed the actions described in the lead statement and a majority of the main duties as expressed in the description for the applicable NOC.
  • Meet language benchmark (CLB 7 on all four components of an official exam) and have evidence of the same
  • Have Canadian education credential or an official education credential assessment (ECA) for overseas credentials
Assessment considerations under the Federal Skilled Worker Category

Step 1: Does the applicant meet the definitions of the program? Who can apply?

Step 2: Can the applicant secure sufficient points to meet the pass mark for the Selection Criteria?

Step 3: Are there barriers to immigration: inadmissibility or weaknesses where negative substituted evaluation could be applied by a reviewing officer?

Step 4: Does the applicant meet the Ministerial Instructions for the program, if any apply?

Under the current Selection Criteria for the FSW category the following factors are assessed by a point system

The current pass mark is 67.

Up to 25 points may be awarded for the applicant’s education. This is based on the ‘completion’ of a program of study, meaning that a credential has been earned.

Language – Proficiency in English and/or French

Language is based on the applicant’s abilities in either English or French. A maximum of 24 points for the first language may be acquired for high proficiency and an additional 4 points for the second language may be acquired.


A maximum of 15 may be acquired for work experience in any occupation which is classified as an NOC A, B or 0 occupation. The applicant must have undertaken the duties expressed for the specific NOC and the work must have been undertaken in the prior 10 years before making application.


The maximum of 12 points may be provided to your client if they fall within the age range of 18 and 35. 1 point is deducted for each year over this preferred range.

Those that are under the age of 18 or are over the age of 47 receive 0 points for this factor.

Arranged Employment

Up to 10 points may be assessed for those applicants that have arranged employment in Canada. Arranged employment will need to be substantiated with a positive LMIA, or be a specific occupation that may be exempt from needing an LMIA.


Up to a maximum of 10 points may be awarded for this factor. The assessment will take into account the applicant’s spouse or common law partner’s language abilities, if either have Canadian education, work experience, relatives or a job offer in Canada.