Canadian Experience Class

The CEC is a distinct class of persons who may become permanent residents on the basis of their Canadian experience and who:

  • intend to reside in a province or territory (other than Quebec)
  • maintained legal temporary resident status during their qualifying period of work experience in Canada.
Work Experience Criteria
  • Need to have worked 30 hours per week
  • May be FT with one employer or combined PT positions with more than one employer
  • Must have been undertaken for a total of a 12-month period
  • Must have been undertaken in the last 36 months
  • Must be designated as NOC A, B or 0
  • Must have undertaken the majority of the duties as express for the NOC
  • Cannot coincide with studies in Canada or be in a self employed capacity.
Employment Requirements

For the purpose of CEC applications, the “Employment Requirements” listed in the description of each NOC occupation are not applicable.

So, even if your client does not have the listed educational requirements for the occupation, as long as they can show that they have undertaken the main duties as expressed in the NOC, they can meet this criterion.

Selection Criteria

Selection factors are set forth in R87.1.

Officers will assess the applicant in each of the following areas, based on the information and documents provided in the application:

  • Legal temporary resident status
  • English or French language proficiency
  • Work experience
Assessing Temporary Status

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